License Plate Code A
Max Height 4M
Max Width 2.5M
Max Length Arctic - 16.5M
Road Train - 18.35M
Max Weight 38000kg
Road Authority ASFiNAG
HGV Toll GoBox
Toll Box Identification Austria Toll Box
Vignette Identification Austria Vignettes


Also known as Österreich in the local language.

Vehicles Less Than 3500kg

Cars, Motorbikes etc...


In Austria, vehicles under 3500kg wishing to use the motorway network require a Vignette to be affixed to the windscreen.

Vignettes can be purchased at most fuel stations, and come in 10day, 2month and 12month periods.

Winter Driving

Winter Tyres are compulsory from November 1 to April 15 and must have a minimum tread depth of 4mm. Risk of driving ban and heavy fines if you do not comply (€35 to €5,000).

Vehicles More Than 3500kg

LGV, HGV, Trucks, Motorhomes etc...


In Austria, motorway and expressway tolls for vehicles whose GVW exceeds 3500kg are collected electronically, this means there is no need for the driver to stop or change lanes for the toll to be collected. Each vehicle has to be equipped with a cigarette box sized device called a 'Go Box'.

There are two methods of payment - 'Pre-Pay' and 'Post-Pay'. Pre-Pay allows the driver to load toll credit on his 'Go Box'. Post-Pay system requires no credit to be loaded on the 'Go Box'. The vehicles owner periodically receives an invoice for the kilometres covered.

Whether using the 'pre-pay' or 'post-pay' modes of payment, both can be done via a debit or credit card, which can also be paid online. The price paid depends on the number of axles and the engine emissions.

Winter Driving

From November 1 to April 15, vehicles over 3500kg GVW must be equipped with M+S tires on at least one drive axle with a min. tread depth of 6 mm (bias) and 5 mm (radial). It is mandatory to carry snow chains for at least 2 drive wheels.

Driving Restrictions

General ban on night driving with a prohibition between 22.00 and 05.00 for heavy goods vehicles over 7500kg gvw.

Prohibitions are Saturday from 15.00 to 24.00 and Sundays and Public Holidays from 00.00 to 22.00 for vehicles over 7500kg gvw.

Required Equipment

  • Reflective jacket
  • First-aid kit
  • Warning triangle