License Plate Code HR
Max Height 4M
Max Width 2.55M (Fridge 2.6M)
Max Length Arctic - 16.5M
Road Train - 18.75M
Car Transporter - 21M
Max Weight 44000kg
Road Authority


Also known as Hrvatska or Republika Hrvatska in the local language.

Vehicles Less Than 3500kg

Cars, Motorbikes etc...


Two toll collection systems are in use on Croatian motorways: open and closed toll collection system. On engineering structures (bridges, tunnels) and on shorter motorway sections the open toll system is in use. In such toll system a toll plaza serves as both entry and exit station, and the tariff is determined based on the vehicle category.

On motorways with several entries and exits the closed toll collection system is in use. In the closed toll collection system the motorway user takes a toll ticket at the entry and returns it to the toll attendant at the motorway exit. Based on the submitted ticket toll collection is charged according to the length of the travelled section and vehicle category.

Vehicles More Than 7500kg

LGV, HGV, Trucks etc...

Winter Driving

In sleet, snow and ice, at least two winter type tyres must fitted to the drive axle. Snow chains and a shovel must be carried.

Required Equipment

  • Spare bulb kit
  • Warning triangle
  • Reflective jacket
  • First-aid kit